Specialist Conditions


A range of courses to help you develop knowledge about a range of common conditions and how to mana

 Diabetes awareness

Diabetes and insulin injections

Diabetes and ketones

Diabetes management - including DESMOND courses

Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy management (including administration of emergency medications)

Parkinsons Awareness

Type II Diabetes

Working with People with Mutiple Sclerosis

Working with people with Autism

Communication in people with Learning Disabilities

Course length?

These course are all delivered over three hours

What do I get?

 All of our courses are certified as 'Achieved required standards' if the learners pass the written and, where appropriate, practical assessments, otherwise a certificate of attendance is provided. Learners will also receive a Statement of learning that shows the subject matter delivered.

All these courses also come with a competency assessment.

We are working hard to get all of our courses CPD Approved

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