Courses in dementia


 A range of courses that will provide your staff with the knowledge and confidence to be able to deliver the highest standard of care to your clients' with dementia.

  •  Activity Planning for people with Dementia
  • Anxiety and dementia
  • Alzheimer’s awareness
  • Communication issues for people with dementia
  • Dementia awareness 
  • Anxiety and dementia
  • Care Planning for people with dementia
  • Challenging behaviour (management of)  
  • Dementia beyond drugs
  • Dementia submersion experience
  • Maintaining Dignity
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Meaningful activities
  • Nutrition in people with dementia
  • Sensory awareness for people with    dementia
  • Reminiscence therapy


'I found every part of the training interesting, it will be useful in my workplace'

Managing challenging behaviour course, Bedford

Can the courses be adapted to my setting?

All of our courses can be adapted to meet the requirements of your particular setting, there is no additional charge for this service.