You, or your employer may be eligible to apply for funding towards the cost of your NVQ or RQF course. If not we offer an instalmment payment plan spread over the first 9 months of your studies. 

Can I study at home

NVQ and RQF courses all involve a degree of self study, with ASH Training you will receive tutorials throughout your studies, these can be done face to face or over the phone. You will receive background reading, your assignments, regular feedback  and access to your tutor / assessor when you need it.

Will I recieve an accredited qualification?

All of our NVQ / RQF courses are awarded through Highfield ABC, these are nationally recognised and can give you a step up towards the career of your dreams

How long will my qualification take

Each course has a different number of expected hours, in general most NVQ Diplomas can be completed in 9 months to a year, while the shorter RQF courses can be done in 3 months or less.

Can I use previous studies towards my course?

If you have completed previous studies we may be able to use these towards the required credits for your course. Tell us about this when you register and we will look into it for you.

Does my work all have to be written?

NVQ Diplomas require you to develop a portfolio of evidence to prove that you have reached the required standard, this is often done in written form, but can also be recorded conversations, or even testimonials.

I don't like writing on the computer

It is easier to email your work in, but if you prefer to handwrite you can post it to use as well.

How can I pay?

Once you have decided to study with us we will send you an invoice with our bank details, or you can pay via PayPal if you prefer

Next steps?

Fill in your information on our Contact Us form and we will email you back with the details of the course you are interested in, registration form and details of assessment, if you are happy with this and return the completed registration form, we will send out our invoice and first set of materials. 

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